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Lyrics add depth to a tune. But if you can manage to find an angelic voice to sing out the words, the artists know he is hitting you right at the soul.

Vocal trance has always been special to everyone, as it manages to hit you with several emotions at one time. Trance as a genre has grown year by year, and so have the vocalists.  Ladies like Emma Hewitt, Aruna, Susana and Nadia Ali etc have laid the foundation for a brilliant future. 2017, is almost upon us, hence we the people at Trance Hub decided to shed some light on the new age trance songstress who have been asked to carry the light of vocal trance forward.

Katty Heath


Hailing from United Kingdom, Katty started her journey from a rock band called Spotlight Kid. Despite of an early exit at “Voice of Holland –Season3, her cover of Katy Perry’s Firework got featured in their album compilation. Her first big Trance hit was Stole The Sun (Allen & Envy remix) by Dart Rayne and Yura Moonlight. Also before getting into Trance, she was more known as the singer of electronic/chill out band Bent (for 10 years) The Kyau and Albert remix of their track  ‘As You Fall’ was popular in 2010. She has already worked with artists like Adam Ellis, Aurosonic, Gai Barone and more. Watch out for this beautiful voice in the future.

Christina Novelli 


Starting her career in 2011 with a reality TV show, Christina’s stars turned its fate and made her a “concrete angel” in  2012. The track had topped all the charts possible, even managing to win the best trance track at IDMA. Soon she became a household name in Trance, and collaborated with the biggies like Dash Berlin, Binary Finary & LTN to name a few. She is a fantastic Dj as well, having performed in iconic venues like LIV Miami & Pacha NYC.

Emma Chatt


23 year old Emma chatt has created quite a stir in the trance family this year. Starting from the Drum n Bass side, Emma slowly moved into the enchanting world of trance.  Already having a release on Blue Soho and then singing a huge tune of 2016 with fellow Australian, Marlo, “ Leave my hand” , Ms.Chatt is sure to have an exciting 2017. Btw do check out her soundcloud page, and give a listen to the insane covers of several hip hop tracks. My personal favourite being “ Good for you”



Very rarely you get to write about someone whom you totally have the hots for. This thunder from down under, who has just recently joined the trance brigade, is a singer with a lot of panache.  As seen in her several videos, she is an excellent pianist.  Chloe with Marlo really rocked the Sterosonic crowd in 2013. Her new single “You & Me” is a one to die for. In a short span of time, Chloe has lent her voice to artists like Ben Nicky, Sid Van Riel & Shogun. We really wish to hear more of Chloe and her piano in 2017.

Kim Kiona



Kim has been close to music since her early days. Piano lessons which soon turned into original compositions had become her regular routine.  At the tender age of 11, and under the guidance of Dutch film producer Ad Mass she started her singing lessons.  After being introduced to Dance Opera by Geert, Kim found her real calling in trance music. Following which she has worked with a lot of artists.  Her track “Stay” with Driftmoon has been a huge success & has even featured on his new album.

Sarah Lynn


Sarah came as the surprise package in 2013, as she presented to us a lovely gift “Silhouette” with Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight.  Soon her sweet Irish voice became the soul of several tracks with artists like Cosmic Gate, Beat Service etc.  Music has been an integral part of her life, right from the art college to the guitar & song writing at an early age. Sarah has always cherished her life and this attitude is always reflected in all her tracks. With the addition of the emotional element, Sarah has managed to make several trance music fans happy.



She storming the scene by lending her voice to Markus Schulz’s “Love Rain Down” in 2012, Seri began her career with a bang.  Formerly known as “LaLa”, Seri has a huge experience in the field of music as she was a regular at several Chinese singing contests around the world. With collaborations ranging from Markus to Aly&Fila, she has even got tracks featured on non trance labels like Spinnin. Other than her enchanting voice, she is quite a linguist. Seri can fluently speak Russian, Cantonese, English and Hindi. A bollywood track might just be around the corner for her.

Adina Butar


Adina is a singer and songwriter from Romania. Her vocal talent was discovered and brought to Trance scene by Markus Schulz. Markus introduced her at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch and since then her music career has been only going up. She made couple of tracks with Markus Schulz and collaborated with Venom One, Tenishia and Fabio XB.Adina used to sing in girl bands and only in 2010 she took a solo step when she made a track “Out of my way” with a Romanian DJ. She wrote song lyrics for several Romanian bands.Previously Adina used to sing under name Aimi. Adina was the very first female vocalist to sign in to Schulz Music Group.


Michele C


The freshest face in this list, this young Canadian in her short time has managed to feature on ASOT a multiple times now. Michele is another artist who shares her feelings and life experiences via her song writing, which with her angelic voice always creates a charming effect on the audience.  Benjamin Lung, aka Somna found this talent in 2014 and gave her first break in trance music with “Chasing Stars” and even manages her now. We wish Michele all the best for something big that is coming her way and hope someday the several songs written by her come out of the bedroom.

 Alana Aldea


Alana claims’ she has a heart of 70’s rocker, and we quite agree with it. With her trademark sound she has had the experience of lending her voice to several genres. Music came in as early as 3 years young for Alana, when she got gifted her first piano. After which she raced her way along the path of music. Her first break in trance music happened in 2012, on Interstate records with Aaron Camz. Since then a solo career with “Strong” and a tracks with Giussepe Ottaviani have kept her busy. With “Strong” she brings in the culture of empowerment & hopes people follow their dreams.



This 21 year old has mastered the act of balance in one’s day to day life with ease, as she can easily shuffle between the fast & relaxed life. Introduced to trance music at the tender age of 10 by her father, this college going student has already had releases on Armada & Enhanced. Her debut track “The Light” with A.R.D.I shot up to 19th place on the beatport trance chart. Leolani which means “heavenly voice” in the Hawaiian Culture has a beautiful & emotional voice.  Her writings are like a mini autobiography, as she pens the current state of her life. But eventually we thank Leolani’s dad for introducing her to trance music, otherwise which this talent would have been unknown.

Natalie Gioia 


This vocalist from Ukraine has been setting waves in the trance music scene since her first release with Brezza in 2013. Thereon, she has become a favourite with Alex M.O.R.P.H. One of the biggest tracks in 2013 was her collaboration with Alex – Dreams.  Natalie grew up in the small town of Russia, Armavir. At the age of 16, Natalie decided to try herself as a vocalist. After her first EDM collaboration was released through Angelu music label, Natalie immediately caught the attention of producers like EDU and Tucandeo, what developed her professionalism in this genre of music. Understanding this song are not the ones, which could be the center of her music career, she started to collaborate with Alex M.O.R.P.H.. As the result, track Dreams was released on the A State of Trance (Armada) label. Dreams of Alex and Natalie reached TOP5 tracks ( Trance Chart) and was included to the Universal Religion Chapter 7

Who is your favourite songstress amongst this list, do you know of any new vocalist we may have perhaps missed? Give us a shout

Curator of Edm4Pune, sports enthusiast assisted by having a taste bud for delicious food. Open to all genres of music yet staying close to his first love, Trance.

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  • FarazFaraz

    Author Reply

    Please add Jo cartwright, Amy Kirkpatrick, Victoria shersick, Cynthia hall

  • FarazFaraz

    Author Reply

    Neev Kennedy, Alexandra badoi, Cat Martin, Cate kanell, Adara, Katie louise Smith, Stine grove, Susana, Cathy Burton. All trance songstress are my favourites whether they are of new age or old age

    But I particularly like 3

    Jaren Cerf, Jennifer rene and Cristina soto !!!

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