December 8, 2022

100 million people had to flee their homes.  This is more than the population of most countries

100 million people had to flee their homes. This is more than the population of most countries

“Either the international community comes together to take action to address this human tragedy, resolve conflicts and find lasting solutions, or this terrible trend will continue,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said in a statement.

“With millions of Ukrainians displaced at the time of writing, as well as further displacement elsewhere this year, notably in Burkina Faso and Myanmar, the total forced displacement now exceeds 100 million people,” the report says.

“This means that one in every 78 people on Earth has been forced to flee – a dramatic milestone few would have expected a decade ago.”

UNHCR says The latest forced displacement figure includes 60.1 million internally displaced people, 32.1 million refugees, 4.5 million asylum seekers, and 4.4 million Venezuelans displaced abroad. This adds up to a number greater than the population of most countries.
David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, He described the 100 million figure as a “horrific sign” showing a “global failure”. He warned that this “would be a prelude to higher and higher numbers without urgent action,” calling for increased refugee resettlement commitments and enhanced humanitarian aid to crisis areas.

Millions of Ukrainians were forced to flee

The UN report released Thursday focuses heavily on 2021, noting that this year was “perhaps the most remarkable for the huge number of existing conflicts that have escalated and new ones that have erupted.” But its authors noted that it was impossible to ignore the developments in early 2022.

More than 7 million Ukrainians have been displaced within the country because of warThe report says that more than 6 million refugees have fled Ukraine.

“It is one of the largest forced displacement crises since World War II, and certainly the fastest,” the report says.

Turkey hosted the largest number of refugees in 2021

The report says that in 2021 Turkey hosted the largest number of refugees in the world, nearly 3.8 million people.

The report notes that more than two-thirds of the number of refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad came from just five countries: Syria (6.8 million), Venezuela (4.6 million), Afghanistan (2.7 million), South Sudan (2.4 million) and Myanmar (1.2 million).

The report says the number of displaced people worldwide has increased every year over the past decade and stands at the highest level since record keeping began.

The release of the report comes just days before World Refugee Day on Monday, when organizations will work to raise awareness about the plight of refugees.