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We are just 5 days away from another iconic Above & beyond India tour. 4 cities, 4 mad venues, 3 beautiful artists, lots of music & one massive Anjuna Family. The few things that really come across your mind when you hear the combination of “Tony, Paavo & Jono” are melodious music, breath-taking lyrics & enchanting vocals. Over the years the coveted trio of electronic music have worked with some stellar vocalists such as Zoe Johnston, Gemma Heyes, Alex Vargas & we cannot forget the vocalist of one of their most famous tracks, the one & only Richard Bedford. In addition to this I guess the closest thing one can associate with Love & Uplifting Trance is “Oceanlab”. Each track with the beautiful voice of Justine Suissa is a timeless classic.

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As music enthusiast would it not be amazing if Above & Beyond continue their musical journey with vocalists from the other side of the music bandwidth?
Here are 10 vocalists we feel A&B should collaborate with to spread the message of “Love, Magic & Happiness”

1. Celine Dion: This Canadian Pop diva perhaps has the best love song to her name. Her music has often been very rich with human emotions & so has been the music of Above & Beyond. One can imagine the amount of tears a human will shed if this collaboration does happen. However one thing will be certain, this combination is sure to create a love song that will be remembered for generations to come.Celine Dion

2. Sade: “A solider of love” colliding with preachers of love. Such mixtures result into quotes like “Love is in air”. Sade’s melancholic voice can really add extra depth to the meaningful lyrics of any Above & Beyond track. This collaboration will really set a modern bench mark to the uplifting trance genre. Also maybe, just maybe we might see Sade getting added to future acoustic shows, which will make the acoustic experience extra precious


3. Adele: If the most coveted singer of the modern pop era does decide to lend her voice to the electronic side, there are no better artists to join hands with other than her fellow countrymen. What we can expect is really uncertain as we have seen tracks about breakups & romance in relationships from both. But one thing is a certainty; this track will surely break the records & grab several awards that year.


4. Madonna: The legacy of the never aging queen of pop & dance music can be matched by few. Like Above & Beyond, even Madonna’s music has evolved with times & most importantly both love to experiment with new musical ideas, which in today’s world is a perfect recipe for success. The variety in her sound & the variety in their music are sure to give us foot swaying dance number which will bring us instantly on the floor & spread a million dollar smile across our face.madonna-story_650_121614035337

5. Enrqiue Iglesias: We at Trance Hub are not at all sexists and hence we have to include some male population in this list.
This Spanish sensation with his pulsating voice & god like looks can really set the hearts of women on fire if he ever does manage to collaborate with Above & Beyond. Remakes of old tracks or creation of new music, the occurrence of both options is sure to be a hit with everyone.enrique-iglesias-83

6. Bryan Adams: If you are a 90’s child, Adams will be a household name for you. The common denominator here is the two tracks which always get a massive sing along and despite premiering eons ago are popular with peoples of all ages. Bryan with coarse & raw style can lend his voice to any style of music which Above & Beyond create. If this does happen, then we sure to have a track whose lyrics will stay on our lips forever.bryan_adams

7. Stevie Wonder: The man, the legend. He is one male vocalist who still at the age of 66 can make people feel all the emotions at one time. This is a collaboration which I personally pray happens & if it does manage to be for a purely acoustic track, then we finally have heard of something that sounds like heaven

.stevie wonder

8. BT: We cannot ignore the fact that Above & Beyond do currently belong solely to the electronic scene, hence we cannot rule out collaborations with a few artists originating from the same hemisphere & to start, with whom better than Brian Transeau.
This track is bound to be a blockbuster considering the production skills both these artists’ posses. Adding to which the track will comprise of beautiful words & gorgeous vocals of Brian himself. Well to be honest this one is really a possibility and we hope both sets of artists make this possible.



9. Sir Adrian: Known for his massive contribution towards vocal trance, Sir Adrian has worked with several big names such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and SVD etc. But the name of Above & Beyond is missing from that list. It makes fitting sense that it is time both the veterans of the industry combine and give us a tune that compliments their legacy in the trance genre.

Sir Adrian

10. Lata Mangeshkar : The love this holy trinity hold towards India is not a secret. Wouldn’t it make sense if they put the cherry on the cake by creating a track with an Indian vocalist?
If this does really happen, no one better than the Nightingale of India can do justice to it. Lata ji with her sweet voice can really create a magical, enchanting &romantic experience with Tony, Paavo & Jono. This would be a dream come true for us fans, as the very best of their respective fields are joining hands and giving us life lasting experience.

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There were several names that could be have included in this list, but hey even we have some limitations.
Do let us know with which vocalist should Above & Beyond collaborate in the future.

Curator of Edm4Pune, sports enthusiast assisted by having a taste bud for delicious food. Open to all genres of music yet staying close to his first love, Trance.

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