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1. Magic Island Records: The one common denominator for Balearic Sounds, is this label curated by German Producer Roger –Pierre Shah. Since its inception in 2008 it has always looked to promote dance music with a tinge of nature’s sound attached to it. The atmospheric songs from this label come under a melodious compilation “Magic Island: Music for Balearic people”whose successful 7th volume was released this year.

Shah has always been the caliph of this sub genre of trance music, and to his aid he has come across a lot of artist with the similar sound, the notable being   Pedro Del Mar.

2. AVA Recordings: 10th year completion & 150th release, it has been quite a year for Andy Moor and team. From being a sub-label to Armada and now moving to BlackHole Recordings, this label has seen it all. Passionate lyrics and original sound of trance, AVA records have always stuck to its roots.

While others have gone mainstream, they still proudly hold the badge of producing trance music that takes us back to its glory years.

In this decade long journey Benjamin Leung (Somna) has always been the main man for Andy Moor, who has always stood out with his soul stirring tracks.

While superstars like Lange, Orkidea , Ashley Wallbridge, Yuri Kane & etc have been constant supporters of this label.

3. Silk Music: Hailing from Moscow, this label believes in creating music that illustrates our feelings better than our words. Max Flyant (Russia), Jacob Henry (USA), Mike Alexeev (Russia), Gorn Sorrenson (Denmark) & Eliran Mukdasi(Israel), have made Silk into a multi-genre enterprise.

The label believes in the healing powers of music and hence has always managed to produce tracks in various genres, ranging from Trance to Ambient (ChillOut). Weekly podcasts such as Silk Royal Showcase & Only Silk have given opportunities to lot of upcoming artist to showcase their talent. Artists like Vintage & Morelli , Sound Quelle, Nigel Good, LTN & Shingo Nakamura are the torch bearers of this emotive & intelligent record label.

4. Joof Recordings : The collaboration between John OO Fleming & Russell Floorply, quite aptly named “ We have no reference of time’’ lead to the formation of this iconic brand. Since its inception in 1999, the label has always been a reflection of Fleming’s ideas, showcasing the different & powerful styles of trance. As often mentioned by Fleming, the sound of this record label can be termed as Underground Trance.

Joof recordings are hoping to create a new future for trance music and they firmly believe trance can come to the mainstage of music festivals. Early this year they even launched two sub labels, JOOF Mantra & JOOF Aura which will concentrate on Psy/Goa & Deep house mixes.

5. Pharmacy Music: When a decorated music producer starts to roll out his ideas you know the results are bound to be amazing. Pharmacy Music is result of Christopher Lawerence dedication to Trance. It has become another label that promotes the sound of underground trance, but has managed to add a bit of sophistication into it.

A hybrid mixture of tech & psychedelic trance dominate this label. While artists like JOOF, Bryan Kearney, Paul Oakenfold , Simon Patterson & etc have voiced & given their support.

With cutting edge artist & tracks, Pharmacy Music like Joof Recordings wants to get trance back to its peak and spread the sounds of underground trance across all generations. Pharmacy radio, an online radio podcast, started this year, is another excellent attempt by Christopher Lawrence to spread his love for the genre.

6. EllipticalSun Recordings: An unique label from the Russian land mass which began in 2012, Elliptical Sun recordings has a gained a lot of attention in this short span of four years. Their love for Deep & Progressive sounds has made them a constant addition to the renowned Above & Beyond podcast, Group Therapy.

Artists on the label like Therio, Saer & Emerge have managed to take listeners on a beautiful holiday, where one is made to imagine white sands, beaches and much more.

Simplicity is the essence of this label as they try to create music which touches the heart of the listener. In short if you do come across a track from them in the future, just sit back and relax while they take you around for an enchanting experience.

7. Always Alive: Ever wondered what will be the result if a 5 times Snooker winner decides to have a trance record label? Answer is, close to 200 releases. In 2011 our very own trancy snooker player Daniel Kandi collaborated with Phillip Alpha to start this sub-label under Enhanced Recordings.

Named after Daniel’s radio show, this label has gone on to supply massive tunes from Adam Szabo, Johnny Yono and many more. The label has always promoted tracks which have been the best in field of trance & progressive. Currently, slowly & steadily they are venturing into the sounds of Nu-Trance. Always alive, is the trophy which Daniel Kandi has won for being the no.1 in Trance & Snooker, in Denmark.

8. Bonzai Records: The oldest record label in this list. Bonzai Records is a Belgian record label formed by Dj Fly in the back of his record shop in 1992. Though their parent label Lightning label went bankrupt in 2003, it was subsequently replaced by BansheeWorxLabel. After which tracks are now being released under the name “Bonzai Progressive”.

Over the years Bonzai has had tracks from several genres like, techno, hard trance & hardcore music and hence has several sub labels like Bonzai Elemential, Green Martian and many more. With a mammoth artist roster which includes people like Airwave, Push & Gai Barone, this label is already reached its legendary status.

9. Ovnimoon Records: A one stop destination for Psytrance & Goa music, this label has been named after the visionary artist Hector Stuardo’s stage name Ovnimoon.

Hailing from Chile, South America, Ovnimoon records has been constantly releasing trippy psy music since 2010. The notable fact is that all the music released on this label is approved by Hector, which ensures the true sound of the genre is retained.

Ovnimoon is also now venturing into the sounds of Down-tempo & progressive, which can be seen in the recently released album “Maiia 303: Sky in Diamonds”. One can expect a lot exciting things from this label in the coming future.

10. Abora Recordings: A saint amongst mortals, Abora recordings is a label which is fused with spiritual energy & uplifting power. It is a go to label for instant happiness & satisfaction as it looks to spread peace & tranquility.

Started in 2004, it has now branched out into 13 sub labels, which caters to orchestral, Balearic, latin and even classical sound. In 2014 they launched the unique concept of “Levitated Music” started by Manuel Rocca. Be prepared for an emotional ride with Abora guru’s like, SoundLift, Afternova, Kelly Andrew , Illitheas , Farhad Mahdavi and many more as they take you into a world of beautiful landscapes.

Curator of Edm4Pune, sports enthusiast assisted by having a taste bud for delicious food. Open to all genres of music yet staying close to his first love, Trance.

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  • EmacoreEmacore

    Author Reply

    Why always ‘top’ trance labels? They don’t need more marketing like this post. We know about his popularity because ‘top’ DJs play his releases in his radioshows. Trance needs to know about another interesting labels like Sundance Recordings, Beyond The Stars, Trancer Records, D.MAX, Trance Temple Records, AscendanceAudio etc. for uplifting. Or progressive like Ternary, Suanda, Yeiskomp, Entrancing Music, etc. They don’t need to pay some marketing in Facebook and beatport for be recognized! Trance isn’t mainstream, trance is about creativity and pure sound of underground artists.

  • SamSam

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    Where is Suanda, Trance Temple Records , D. Max ? ??

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