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With a few days to go for Sunburn, and Will Atkinson’s Official India debut, we list down 10 tracks that we expect this extremely versatile English lad to drop in his set at the festival. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to end the year with some hard trance!

Dogzilla – Without You (Will Atkinson Remix)

The remix that even made it to the top 50 tunes of the year in 2017, Wills sets are incomplete without this spell binding remix of an already brilliant track. Originally composed by Simon Patterson under his famed moniker – Dogzilla, this remix is one that outshines the original. We can’t wait to watch him drop this one live during his set!


Shanti V Deedrah – Acid Guru

An absolute favourite of Atkinson, he has played this track in most of his sets quite often. The track adds to the psy element in his set. Also, the drop and the melody on this one is extremely catchy and is sure to have you develop an earworm for it!


Will Atkinson – Leave A Message

One of the best and one of the most unique tracks of the year! The track was produced by Will as a tribute to his manager, John Askew, who was so used to listening to the “Leave a message” note, it drove him to frustration. Well, the frustration did amount to a wonderful track being produced and released. So for all that John had to put up with, it bore good fruit for Will!


Will Atkinson – Pat Butcher

One of Wills most famous tracks that can make any crowd go crazy, Referring to the character from “The EastEnders”, this hard hitting track has one a very powerful bass line. Well this is one that defines tech-trance at its best.


Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy – Burn In Me

One of the famed aliases of Atkinson, Darkboy, originated in early 2012. The moniker was aimed towards specialising in psy-trance and JOOF inspired trance. The track is a massive psy breaks smasher and will leave you raging by the end of it.


Grum & Josep – The Love You Feel (CYA Remix)

Most people may not know, but Will also performs under the moniker Josep. This channels most of his mellow and progressive sounds. Made to perfectly fit the anjuna vibe, this track is very different from all of his earlier tracks. However it goes on to prove the versatility of Will!


Will Atkinson – Game Over

An absolute banger that was released in 2015. This track was released as a part of Bryan Kearney’s mix compilation – This is Kearnage. This is definitely not your regular heart-filled trance . It’s hard hitting beat will leave you battered by the end of it.


Will Atkinson – Awake (Waio Remix)

A track that features two superstars from the VII crew, that is the brain child of Simon Patterson and John Askew. One of Wills first tracks to have been released on VII, received the royal remix from Waio. This takes the already hard track a level higher.


John O’Callaghan feat. Claire Stagg – Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix)

A famed collaboration between John and Claire, this track is an absolute beauty. Giving it the signature Will Atkinson treatment, the track is weird, cool, dancey and is chock full of mysticism and intrigue.


Will Atkinson – Subconscious 

Subconscious provides an insight into the brilliant mind of this highly acclaimed producer. Atkinson once again defies convention and exceeds expectation with this thought-provoking masterpiece.
With a breakdown of colossal proportions underpinned by Atkinson’s distinct virtuosity when it comes to new age melodies, Subconscious is an essential production that perfectly encapsulates our vision of the future of trance.


Catch Will perform live on the 30th of December at Ola Sunburn Festival 2017. Get your tickets here!


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