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It’s been almost a month since Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 (ADE) and we are already missing it so bad! The vibe, the music, the people, the experiences, the tracks, the clubs, etc. One can literally go on about how amazing the entire event was!

As we keep reminiscing  about the event, we decided to list down 10 tracks that had shivers running down our spines. There were so many events and so many wonderful tracks that were showcased, it makes it extremely difficult for one to pick only 10. However, after a lot of wrangling and a final symposium, here is the final cumulative list for you!


Dogzilla – Without You ( Will Atkinson Remix)

What can we not appreciate about this masterpiece? The original track itself being such a legendary one by the famed Simon Patterson moniker, the track is one that goes down in our book of classics. How do you make a track that sounds brilliant even more better? No one could have possibly thought of giving the track such a makeover like the way Will Atkinson did. If you get the chance, do go attend one of his live gigs. This one should be experienced live.


Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Jorn Van Deynhoven Rework)

Played live during Armin Van Buurens set at the ASOT ADE special, this was one track that gave everyone feelings of nostalgia. Old Tiesto will always be gold, there is no denying that. And track has something so eerily haunting yet melodic, it’s a masterpiece by itself. Accompanied by the lasers and the visuals and the surround sound at AFAS Live, this track took us back in time and we couldn’t have been happier.


Linkin Park – In The End (Markus Schulz Tribute Remix)

A tribute to the late Chester Bennington, this track is an iconic one by Linkin Park which was given the royal remix treatment by the one and only Markus Schulz. Again, played live at the AFAS Live Arena, the lyrics, the melody and the entire vibe along with the memories of Chester struck a chord with the audience and many were seen with tears welled up in their eyes.


Ben Gold – Kingdoms

One of the most recently released tracks that makes it to this list. Ben Gold is known for his killer productions which leaves the crowd bouncing. This track was no less in terms of getting the crowd all pumped up. The best bit? The track was showcased as an ID to road test it. Well, leave road test aside, the track flew off the roof! And it was recently even crowned the Tune of the week on ASOT!


Jam & Spoon – Follow Me (ID Remix)

Played live during Markus Schulz’s Open to Close set as an ADE special, this track was one that came in out of the blues. No one expected any artist to throw in a Jam & Spoon track. Jam & Spoon are absolute legends and we would love to hear more of them! Follow Me is still one of their most well renowned track, but this remix was something else. The identity of the artist who has remixed the track has still been kept under wraps, but we can’t wait for this one to be officially announced and released.


Ayla – Ayla (Ben Nicky and Luke Bond 2017 Remix)

Another Classic that gets the remix treatment. Again, when this track was played, it wasn’t announced yet. So it was still showcased as an ID to the crowd. And the reception this track got was beyond imagination! Played live by Markus Schulz during his open to close set, this track also has now been premiered on ASOT and will soon be released on Blackhole recordings.

Solarstone feat. Claire Stagg – Jewel (Pure Mix)

Played by the man himself at his own iconic night, Quest4Trance. The mere thought of this night gives us goosebumps. Jewel has always been a classic track that every trance fan has a very close connection to. The melody, the vocals and the beat work together so beautifully, the name speaks for itself. It surely is a Jewel. And hearing this live with a gathering of trance fans chanting these lyrics together is an absolutely phenomenal experience. We would literally give anything to relive this one moment again. It may sound like an exaggeration but this is one track that should be experienced. Yes, not heard, but experienced.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Lumina

This track by itself is mesmerising. And it was played live by Guiseppe as a part of his Guiseppe live 2.0 project.  There is something so addictive about this track, you instantly develop an ear worm for it. The alternating melodic pattern with the rhythmic beat got the crowd dancing like crazy.

Bryan Kearney feat. Plumb – All Over Again

A track that on being released itself blew the audience away! With the haunting vocals of Plumb who is well know for her famed collaboration with Paul Van Dyk, this track is one that is already touted to be the tune of the year this year. Bryan Kearney, we can literally fill up a book on how wonderful his tracks are! And this one makes a mark in the minds of the listener with its upbeat vibe and of course the vocal. Laced with the vibe of longing, this track is an iconic one and will be remembered as a classic.

Will Atkinson – Leave A Message

Produced by Will Atkinson for his manager John Askew, who is so used to hearing the “Leave a message” voice message as he never picked up the call. Well, we are glad that a voice message that frustrating could be turned over into a banger of a track. Also, this was played by Bryan Kearney during his set at Quest4Trance during the wee hours of night. His set was the last set and we saw many people sitting down due to exhaustion from raging for the entire night. However, when this track came on, everyone in the room, literally everyone, actually got back on their feet to dance to it. It definitely gives out a clear message here – This track is killer!


Eric Prydz – Opus (GMS vs. Deedrah Remake)

Opus by itself is a legendary track. Ask any electronic music fan and they know of the legend that is Eric Prydz. Ask anyone to name a few Eric Prydz tracks and you will here Generate and Opus for sure. And each time this has been played live, it’s no less of a spectacle. And having Armin Van Buuren playing it and engaging the entire crowd, it was beyond spectral.


These are our picks! Of course there were a lot of other tracks that were played, many of them of which are still ID’s. Do you think we missed out on any track? Please do let us know in the comments below!

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  • You rightly said top 10 is hard to pick. However I think Jones and Stephenson – The first rebirth remix played by Armin is also strong contender. Absolute classic…24 Yr on and still going strong.

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