February 5, 2023

1 million people in France are being vaccinated after the Macron War

More than 1 million people in France have since made appointments to get the corona virus vaccine French President Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Jean-Michel Macron with the history of the tool to expand the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide Kamala Harris Date Hill Morning Report – Facebook provided – Will this infrastructure deal be fulfilled? Further He said the COVID-19 pass will soon be required for daily activities.

Doctole, a nationwide centralized vaccine appointment app, announced on Tuesday that 1.3 million people in France have signed up to receive the Corona virus vaccine, the Associated Press Announced. Most of the registrants are under 35 years old.

Increase in vaccine appointments Comes after Macron Said A corona virus vaccine, a negative COVID-19 test or the latest recovery from the virus may be required to go to restaurants and stores.

A COVID-19 pass is required to travel on planes and trains.

The demand for the corona virus pass will start in August.

About 40 percent of France’s population is fully vaccinated, but the revised effort comes as cases of corona virus strains are on the rise worldwide.

“The country is once again facing an epidemic that has touched all our regions,” Macron said while addressing the nation.

COVID-19 passes will become a requirement for recreational activities and health workers in the country must be vaccinated by September 15, or they will be suspended without pay.