December 1, 2022

$1.9 billion Powerball jackpot drawing delayed by security ban

On Monday morning, at a Wawa convenience store in Manassas, about 30 miles southwest of Washington, Seymour Jordan, 61, picked Powerball numbers on a machine while someone waited patiently behind him.

Mr. Trump said he and five colleagues at a security services company pooled their money and each kicked in $12 for the latest draw. Jordan said. This is the fourth time the team has attempted to beat the long odds together; They’ve won about $30 so far, he said.

Today, he bought a suite for himself, envisioning his church, his two-year-old children and 11 grandchildren. “It could change my life and my family’s life for the rest of our lives,” he reflects on a win. But, he added: “My wife said, ‘I want you to stop’.

Few expected the long shot to fall. Gainesville, Va. At a 7-Eleven convenience store in , an ad offered a “Fortune & Cookie” for $3: a dollar for a cookie and $2 for a set of Powerball numbers. Customers like David Kudinas, 52, were occasional lottery players, but the huge jackpot was too tempting to pass up.

Mr. Kudinas, whose 17-year-old daughter will be heading off to college next year, bought five tickets, though she admits the odds were stacked against her.

“I thought the entertainment value was $10,” said Mr. Kudinas said, adding that he was a federal employee. He said he would “save some, spend some” and set aside funds for a college education if he wins.

But he didn’t plan on staying up late into the night to paint. “I’m probably asleep,” he said.